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Kvarntorps arbetsplatsområde

Kvarntorp Arbetsplatsområde is a business park that is part of the regional core of Haninge as defined by the regional planning office. There is a detailed development plan for using the main part of the land for small-scale industries. Retail companies and self-storage facilities dominate. There are plans to create a cultural reserve in the south of the area with a youth hostel, offices and premises for various professional tradespeople (such as joiners and painters).

A development programme has been drawn up for a new town district, Vegastaden, north-west of the area. The proposal is for the construction of about 3,000 homes, service facilities and workplaces. A new commuter train station, Vega, and a new intersection at road 73/Hallstens Väg are being planned. Together with connecting bus services and paths for pedestrians and cyclists, Kvarntorp Arbetsplatsområde will be an attractive location in terms of communications.

Expansion is planned on a plot of land to the north-east of the area and in the north-east part of Vegastaden, next to road 73. Planning is in progress.

Brief facts

  • 20 companies
  • 120 employees
  • A detailed development plan has been drawn up to use unexploited land of about 15,300 m2 for small-scale industries
  • Premises for retail operations, warehousing and other activities (production 1,000 m2, offices 80 m2)
  • Accessible from roads 73/Gudöbroleden via Nynäsvägen and the Länna/Nynäsvägen intersection.
  • The regional cycle route between Stockholm and Nynäshamn is situated alongside Nynäsvägen.
  • Attractive location – in particular with the new link to road 73 and the future construction of a new commuter train station

Location and communications

The business park at Kvarntorp is located about 15 minutes south of central Stockholm, roughly 1–1.5 km north of the Haninge Centrum shopping centre between roads 73 and Gamla Nynäsvägen. Road traffic from the north reaches Kvarntorp via the Länna/Nynäsvägen intersection and from the south via road 73/Gudöbroleden/Nynäsvägen. Road 73 links Kvarntorp to Stockholm and Nynäshamn. By public transport, you can reach the area by bus and commuter train. Direct buses run to Gullmarsplan (an interchange in Stockholm with connections to other buses and the Metro) and central Stockholm. Other buses include services to Haninge Centrum with connections to the commuter train network. By commuter train or direct bus, you can reach the heart of Stockholm in about 20 minutes.


The range of non-durables and consumer durables is extensive thanks to the hypermarkets Coop Forum and ICA Maxi which are both nearby. A restaurant, café and fast food are also available. A wider range of services are on offer in the nearby shopping centre Haninge Centrum.

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