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Håga industriområde

Håga Industriområde is an industrial park is situated between Tungelstavägen (road 257) and the Nynäsbanan rail line in Västerhaninge. According to the comprehensive plan for the area, a greater concentration of buildings and further development can be achieved in the park to create opportunities for more premises and workplaces. The land is intended for industrial operations, including small-scale industries.

The dominating businesses are small and medium-sized companies in manufacturing, industry, warehousing and distribution, and they include TAC, Skanska, Biofood-Biolivs, Internordisk Spännarmering and Bosporens Bageri.

A development programme has been drawn up for Västerhaninge. There are plans to build residential housing south-west and north-west of the industrial park. In the south there are plans to establish a new national racecourse for trotting and flat racing.

Brief facts

  • 475 employees
  • 45 companies
  • Premises for production, warehousing and offices
  • The area borders residential properties to the west and north
  • The municipality's rail tracks lead to the area

Location and communications

The industrial park Håga Industriområde is situated just south of Västerhaninge, between Tungelstavägen (road 257) and the Nynäsbanan rail line in Västerhaninge. You can access the park by car from Tungelstavägen and from Mulstavägen/Tungelstavägen. Tungelstavägen and road 73 are recommended routes for transport of hazardous goods. Using public transport, you can reach the area by bus and commuter train; the nearest station with bus connections is Västerhaninge Station. Buses run through the park during rush hour, and the travel time to Handen is about 5 minutes and to central Stockholm about 30 minutes.

There are plans to expand the Nynäsbanan line, making it a double-track railway between Västerhaninge and Tungelsta. This is expected to have a major impact on the appeal of public transport, particularly by enabling more punctual trains and shortening travel times.


The area includes a restaurant that serves lunch. Håga is about 1.5 km from Västerhaninge Centrum, which includes the commuter train station, restaurants, cafés, supermarkets and specialist boutiques, a pharmacy, postal services and banks.

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