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Handens industriområde

Handens Industriområde is an industrial park is centrally located in Handen, between Dalarövägen and road 73. Most of the land is earmarked for industrial operations. The park contains a wide variety of businesses: everything from logistics, service and car companies to small-scale industries and offices. The large companies include SDR Gruppen, with its two operations Reklam Logistik and Direktreklam, and Herobi Plast AB. The vocational upper secondary school Fredrik and the Busslink bus depot are also situated here. The industrial park is part of the regional core of central Haninge, which is intended to be developed into a compact and attractive townscape. According to the comprehensive plan, this area in central Handen should be developed in the long term to include additional service companies.

Brief facts

  • 110 companies
  • 1,850 employees
  • A development programme has been produced for the nearby Campus Haninge; the proposal is to develop the central area to form a thriving town centre.

Location and communications

The industrial park is situated 15–20 minutes south of central Stockholm and about 800 m from Handen railway station. Traffic to the areas mainly comes from the north via the Dalarövägen road and road 73, but also from the south via the Dalarölänken and Jordbrolänken link roads. By public transport, you can reach the area using commuter trains and buses. Handen is the nearest commuter train station. Direct buses run to central Stockholm and Handen commuter train station. By commuter train or direct bus, you can reach central Stockholm in about 25 minutes. To improve the aesthetic appeal and accessibility of the area for pedestrians and cyclists, there are plans to redesign the bus terminal and alter the road Eskilsvägen. Plans have also been drawn up for a possible rebuild of the Trafikplats Handen intersection.


Restaurants that serve lunch and Postens Företagscentrum offering postal services to companies are located in the area. A wider range services is available in the shopping centre Haninge Centrum, about 700 m from the industrial park, including more than 100 shops, restaurants, postal services, banks and a pharmacy. The retail park Handens Handelsområde is within walking distance and contains the large supermarkets and stores Coop Forum, Siba, ICA Maxi and Biltema.

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