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Jordbro företagspark

The business park Jordbro Företagspark is one of the Stockholm region's largest areas of workplaces with about 190 hectares of land earmarked for industrial operations. Warehousing, distribution and manufacture dominate, with companies such as Coca-Cola, Recipharm and Dagab. The area enjoys a strategic location by the roads Södertörnsleden and Nynäsvägen with link roads to the E4 and E20 motorways and road 73. Rail connections lead to about ten of the properties. A small-scale expansion in the north-west of the park is in progress.

A development programme was drawn up for Jordbro in 2006, aiming to strengthen and develop the area as a residential and commercial location. A project is also under way to introduce natural gas into Stockholm County. A corridor of national interest runs through Haninge Municipality via Jordbro thermal power station down to Nynäshamn further south. This means that companies in Jordbro's business park could be supplied with natural gas.

Brief facts

  • About 170 companies
  • Approximately 4,000 employees
  • Rail connections
  • Easily accessible from Södertörnsleden and Nynäsvägen, with link roads to the E4 and E20 motorways and road 73
  • Public transport – commuter trains from Jordbro Station with connecting bus services
  • The area accommodates noisy/disruptive transport and operations, except for those that may risk polluting the groundwater

Location and communications

Jordbro's business park is situated about 30 minutes south of central Stockholm, close to the roads Södertörnsleden and Nynäsvägen. Through Södertörnsleden, the area has connections to both road 73 between Stockholm and Nynäshamn and the E4 and E20 motorways via Huddinge and Flemingsberg. By public transport, you can reach the area using commuter trains and buses. Three bus services run through the park during rush hours and they all stop at Jordbro Station. By commuter train you can reach Stockholm in about 25 minutes. The regional cycle route between Stockholm and Nynäshamn is situated alongside Nynäsvägen.


These comprise postal services and restaurants serving lunch. Jordbro Centrum includes a somewhat wider range of services, such as a restaurant, café, supermarket, primary healthcare clinic, pharmacy, small boutiques and a library.


Three roads lead into the business park. Transports of hazardous goods come to the area via the western entrance from Haningeleden/Södertörnsleden. Such consignments include fuel to Preem Gasol. Fuel is transported to the thermal power station using a separate entrance north of the business park. No other transported goods are taken into the area via that entrance.

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