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Our commerce and industry

Entrepreneurship with tradition

Haninge is a classic municipality of entrepreneurs, where the inhabitants are used to building up a business from scratch. Small-scale businesses have been a distinctive feature of the Haninge area for many hundreds of years. A local ingenuity and spirit of fending for oneself still permeates many things here, as does an ability to spot new markets and business opportunities.

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Multi-facetted business – Haninge's strength

Increasing numbers of people are discovering that Haninge is an attractive municipality in which to set up a business. A new enterprise is launched virtually every day, and the municipality is now home to more than 5,000 companies. Despite the many large companies that have come to Haninge in recent years, small companies still make up the foundation of the area's business community; 98% of these companies have fewer than 5 employees.

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Our vision: always look to the future!

Through broad cooperation we want to utilise and enhance Haninge's advantages as a location for development and growth. This development is to take place in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable way. We want to offer the business community, clubs and associations and local residents optimal conditions, and together we wish to cultivate Haninge as a strong and growing regional urban centre.

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Fresh ideas create healthy companies

For the Fröstads, the farming family at Årsta Säteri, generations of entrepreneurship have been based on what Mother Nature has been able to offer. Today sisters Susanna and Michaela run a golf course. And they are in good company: there are a further five courses within the municipality's boundaries. What conditions help your business to thrive?

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