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Our vision: always look to the future

Pictures from Haninge Foto: Sven-Olof Englund

Summary of our action plan for 2010–2025:

Haninge will create new business

The new business park called Albyberg will be an attractive location for companies in engineering, service and other industries that can benefit from their proximity to other players and opportunities for creative exchanges. Albyberg will be a hive of activity that will be very attractive to successful companies.

Haninge will build a town centre

Haninge's future town centre will be a light, lively and beautiful urban environment with a mixture of residential and commercial properties and leisure facilities. The heart of Handen will be filled with housing, shops, cafés, restaurants and cultural events. A vibrant, pleasant and popular meeting place.

Haninge will develop its communications

Together we will demonstrate the need for continued infrastructure expansion in Haninge to enable further growth and development in the Stockholm region.

Haninge will have top-class housing

Haninge will continue to develop top-class residential areas in beautiful settings with good communications. The municipality's new, centrally located district, Vegastaden, with about 3,000 new homes, will be a modern and aesthetically attractive area close to communications and the countryside.

Haninge will welcome visitors

We want to see more year-round residence, and the visitor industry is a key condition for making this possible. Haninge's rolling landscape and beautiful archipelago are real treasures and resources for development of the visitor industry.

Haninge will be the climate-smart choice

Haninge will position itself as a climate-smart location for inspiration and development of, for example, energy-efficient commerce and industry. We will pursue strategic climate projects aimed at reducing environmental impact and protecting Haninge's picturesque natural scenery.

Haninge will focus on knowledge

Haninge will focus on knowledge and promote lifelong learning. Haninge's preschool, compulsory schooling and upper secondary education is to be famed for its good educational leadership, well-trained teachers and high expectations of each pupil in a calm and safe environment. Haninge is also a dynamic location for higher education. Together we will bolster Haninge as a place of research and knowledge.

Haninge will safeguard culture

Culture furthers people's creativity, strengthens local identity and contributes to an open climate. Cultural activities can counteract and prevent ill-health by offering experiences and a sense of togetherness. Culture thereby has an important part to play as a source of energy for growth and development in Haninge.

Haninge will support clubs and associations

The municipality's numerous clubs and associations contribute with their innovative approach and by providing forums where interests and ideas can grow and benefit Haninge's development and appeal. Clubs and associations are also a school for entrepreneurship and a source of various kinds of business operations.

Haninge will invest in sport

Haninge will make a major investment in sport, and Sport Campus Sweden in Haninge is the first educational institution to combine elite-level sports with higher education courses.

Together we will support sport and invest in young people, through measures such as creating meeting places together with young people and providing sponsorship between sports activities, the business community and schools.

Senast uppdaterad: 15 september 2017