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Multi-facetted business – Haninge’s strength

Interiörbild inne i från Haninge centrum Foto: Sven-Olof Englund

The best-known businesses in Haninge include the head office of Coca-Cola Drycker Sverige AB. The pharmaceutical firm Recipharm, the paper wholesaler Antalis (formerly called Svenskt Papper), the lighting company Osram and chemicals manufacturer Kemetyl are other large companies here. The strategic location and immediate access to the motorway and railway are also reasons why many logistics companies, such as Bring Frigoscandia, ProLogis, Green Cargo, Lagena and Dagab, have chosen Haninge.

Expanding in retail

With its growing population, Haninge has also gained an increasingly significant role in the retail trade. Haninge Centrum is one of the players that has expanded strongly and now contains more than 100 shops, restaurants and service companies. Haninge is also home to Sweden's largest ICA Maxi hypermarket, flanked by its neighbouring hypermarket Coop Forum, which is currently expanding as well as building a new adjacent shopping mall. Other well-known retailers in Haninge include Biltema, Mekonomen, Ö&B, Siba and Mio Möbler. Many car companies are represented here, such as Olofsson Bil AB, Torvalla Bil and Toyota Center.

Cooperation – a key factor

In Haninge we work together to enable development of existing commerce and industry in good conditions and to attract additional companies to the municipality. We have robust cooperation here and feel a sense of belonging, which is particularly evident at our breakfast meetings that always attract more than 100 business people. Haninge also has a large number of platforms on which to share knowledge and experience – especially through the many business associations based in the municipality. You can read more about them via the link Networking in Haninge.

Haninges största företag

Antal anställda inom parentes:

  1. Dagab AB (930)
  2. Coca-Cola Drycker Sverige AB (876)
  3. Busslink i Sverige AB (450)
  4. ICA-Maxi Stormarknad (380)
  5. Åhléns (350)
  6. Recipharm (274)
  7. Lagena Distribution AB (212)
  8. Haninge Åkeri (160)
  9. Antalis (155)
  10. TAC AB (150)
  11. Coop Forum (136)
  12. GBA Grus & Betong (136)
  13. Nymans Elektriska (107)
  14. Stalands Möbler (103)
  15. Kemetyl AB (100)

Källa: MM-Kommunrapport, Svenska Market Manager Partner AB

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