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Not only companies thrive in Haninge

The Haninge archipelago includes relics of Sweden's time as a great power – flanked by the classic landmark Dalarö Skans. And the mainland still contains untouched land which reminds us that the area was once dominated by its agriculture.

Skärgården utanför Dalarö skans, Dalarö Foto: Eva Simonson

The fact that one third of Haninge is archipelago is perhaps not immediately obvious to visitors to the municipality's urban areas on the mainland. But it's true; with 220 km of beaches, nearly 900 islands and thousands of rocks and skerries, the archipelago is a dominant factor in Haninge. The archipelago is a strong selling point for the municipality. But the true uniqueness lies in the combinations of, and contrasts between, water and land. In addition to the sea, Haninge boasts one of Sweden's largest areas of untouched forest outside the country's mountain ranges. Tyresta National Park and Nature Reserve, covering a total of 4,700 hectares, is an oasis of opportunities for everyone who loves leisure in the great outdoors. In addition to the deep ancient woodland and vast meadows, here you will find lakes for swimming, exercise trails for walking, skiing and jogging, and the picturesque red wooden buildings of Tyresta By with a café, barbecue spot and horse paddocks.

Haninge – rich in fauna and flora

Tyresta is not the only place in Haninge where you can enjoy the countryside. Each part of the municipality has its share of forests, lakes or meadows, all with well-safeguarded flora and fauna. Haninge is home to half of all Sweden's species of wild flowers, for example. The area's fauna includes no fewer than 250 species of birds. But the horse is probably the animal that dominates all others in Haninge. With its 2,000 horses, Haninge is one of Sweden's municipalities that have the largest numbers of horses per square kilometre. Haninge has well-established conditions for all fans of equestrian sports, particularly through the existing and planned "horse villages", which offer housing, stabling and riding tracks in the same area. Fors Gård is the location for one of the Stockholm region's largest Icelandic horse stables. The municipality also has plenty of riding trails as well as a number of trotting and eventing grounds of high national standard. Haninge's extensive flat land is not just ideal for equestrian sports. The many quality golf courses are another well-known feature. Haninge has no fewer than five golf clubs and six golf courses to offer.

Popular destinations for excursions in Haninge Municipality

  • Tyresta National Park, with Naturum – the national park information centre – and the café and old wooden buildings at Tyresta By
  • The archipelago community of Dalarö and the fort Dalarö Skans
  • The archipelago islands of Utö, Ornö, Muskö, Fjärdlång, Kymmendö, Huvudskär, Ålö, Rånö and Nåttarö
  • The manors Årsta Slott and Häringe Slott
  • Jordbro's ancient burial ground – second in size only to Birka in the whole of Svealand (the south of central Sweden)
  • Rudan outdoor recreation area with a Frisbee golf course, angling, bathing, walking trails and exercise trails

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