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Living in Haninge

Not only companies thrive in Haninge

Living in Haninge does not just mean access to modern life, proximity to the capital and an exciting market in the dynamic Mälardalen region. Haninge also has a lot to offer for your body and soul, such as peaceful walks in deep ancient woodlands and a wealth of activities and new impressions in the archipelago.

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Haninge's municipal districts
– both archipelago and urban environments

Haninge is not just an area full of opportunities in which to set up shop. A total of 80,000 residents have already discovered the advantages of living and working in Haninge. Here you have freedom of choice – irrespective of whether you want to live in a central spot, or in a secluded rural location with the archipelago or fields outside your window. Choose from seven municipal districts, each with their own distinctive characteristics, environment and history.

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World-class education programmes

Haninge has long focused on offering a wealth of varied education at all levels and in all forms. From preschool to upper secondary level, Haninge provides several options – both privately and municipally run. There are many specialisations on offer at upper secondary level. In terms of further education, Haninge provides post-secondary vocational education and training (KY) as well as university courses at the Haninge campus of KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology.

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The archipelago as a source of livelihood

Utö Värdshus is one of many examples of companies that have cashed in on their exciting location. Haninge is not just a gateway to the capital; it is also a portal to the Baltic Sea. Ola Mattson and Stefan Guldstrand are two of the driving forces behind Utö Värdshus, with its award-winning restaurant, hotel and year-round conference facilities.

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