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About Haninge

Rudanlake Rudanlake

Haninge – diversity and opportunity

Haninge is the 25th largest municipality in Sweden, situated 20 km south of central Stockholm in one of the country's biggest growth regions: Södertörn. The municipality combines close proximity to the big city with a fantastic archipelago and vast stretches of wilderness.

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Haninge from above

Get to know Haninge – click on our satellite map and find out about business parks and a lot more.

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On historic ground

Today's Haninge represents most of the features that we are used to in a modern community. The municipality is home to 80,000 people – and the number of residents is increasing by about 1,000 a year. Attractive housing, well-developed municipal services and proximity to Sweden's capital city contribute to the success of the municipality. An accelerating pace and an increasingly built-up urban landscape are, however, relatively new in Haninge, which is an old cultural and agricultural area.

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Haninge as the base for new markets

Haninge has been the natural base for Maria Olofsson and the family business Olofsson Bil for more than 40 years. Within a radius of about 20 kilometres, the car company reaches a market that accounts for a third of the Swedish economy. What challenges is your company looking for?

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