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Stockholm Business Alliance

Are you interested in business opportunities in Scandinavia? You are not alone. Haninge is a part of the Stockholm region. We are proud to represent one of Europe's top destinations for foreign direct investments.

Archipelago, Dalarö Foto: Eva Simonson

The Stockholm region offers leading clusters in industries ranging from cutting edge biotech to sustainable construction. It is the natural gateway to the center of Scandinavia and Sweden's largest consumption area.

In the Stockholm region, 50 municipalities collaborate to provide you as an expert, investor or entrepreneur with the best possible assistance in your establishment process. We offer advice, networking opportunities and practical assistance, free of charge, to companies setting up or expanding business operations in the region.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Automation
  • Cleantech
  • Construction
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality
  • ICT
  • Life science>
  • Logistics
  • Metals and mining

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Industries - Haninge has several strong lines of business, logistics, commerce and high-tech manufacturing companies. Tourism and the visitor industry are also important.

Key companies

More and more companies are discovering that Haninge is an attractive municipality to set up business in. The most well-known is Coca-Cola.

The following are other examples of firms that have chosen Haninge:

  • Recip - pharmaceutical manufacturer. Head office and R&D in Haninge
  • TechData
  • AVL MTC - R&D, emissions
  • Osram - lighting

Many logistics companies are based here, for example:

  • Green-Cargo - logistics
  • Prologis
  • Lagena - logistics

Manufacturing businesses include:

  • Conjet -manufacture of water jets
  • Hylast AB
  • Silva Plastic - manufacture of compasses
  • Kemetyl

Haninge is a regional trading centre with e.g. the superstores Coop Forum, Port 73, IcaMaxi, Överskottsbolaget, SIBA and others.

Available land, planned

In Haninge, industrial land and premises are readily available, both for large companies, small industries and offices.

We can offer land that is planned and ready for development. The prices of land and premises are very competitive.

Jordbro Företagspark is one of the region's largest business estates. Here there is land with connections to railway lines, links to the E4 via the Södertörnsleden route and the motorway to Stockholm and Nynäshamn. Today there are 150 companies here.
In Jordbro there are also a couple of "business villages" intended for offices and small industry.

Similar business villages are to be found in Handen and Mårtensberg.

In a central location near Haninge Centrum and the commuter train, an exciting campus area is being developed. Here the municipality is offering land for higher education, research, offices and housing. The area is already home to KTH, Södertörns högskola and 325 student apartments.

We offer plots of ground for new establishments. A suitable size of plot is between 10 000 and 50 000 m² and buildings may be maximum 6 storeys high. There is space for further expansion in the area.

Available premises - office, industry, shops

In a central location near Haninge Centrum and the campus area, there is about 15 000 m² of office space available.

Here there is also a very attractive shopping centre with about 80 boutiques. The owner of the centre is Rodamco.

Development of future areas for industries

A new town district is being planned for Vega. The proposal comprises 3 000 homes and also places of work and service in an urban blend. It has been suggested that a commuter train station be located in the middle of the area. At present, the National Road Administration is investigating a new track interchange. The National Rail Administration is investigating issues of track technology concerning a commuter train station.


The municipality is preparing new land for businesses in Albyberg. This area is directly linked to the 73 road, exit towards Dalarö, and will comprise about 80 hectares of land for building, with the potential for further expansion. Albyberg is to be an area with a differentiated range of work from different lines of business and activities. However, noisy or disturbing activities will not be permitted; nor will the handling of dangerous goods or depots. There will be plots of land from about 2000 m² right up to large sites covering 200 000 m². The area will be called Albyberg and will be ready in 2008.

Higher education

Haninge is a dynamic place of higher education with about 1000 university students today. Kungliga tekniska högskolan (KTH) and Södertörns Högskola are located here and they work in close cooperation with local trade and industry. KTH has decided to expand its activities by setting up a centre of building technology. This new centre will be Sweden's largest building centre and will offer great potential for the integration of higher education and the building trade.

Workforce availability

Many people who live in Haninge are firmly settled here and are loyal to their place of work. This gives stability which is appreciated by many of our companies. We have available manpower within many different fields of expertise. Moreover, Haninge is part of the common, regional labour market. When new companies become established and there are recruitment needs, the municipality offers active support, for instance, by setting up contacts with the local employment office.

Transport and communications

Travelling to Haninge is easy and fast. Driving by car from Stockholm takes 20 minutes. Trunk road 73, a three-lane motorway, is like an artery through the municipality in a north-south direction. For train commuters, the journey takes about 25 minutes from Stockholm Central Station. There are four trains every hour. Arlanda airport is about 45 minutes away, Bromma airport about 40 minutes and Skavsta/Nyköping airport about 1½ hours.

Major future developments of infrastructure

In the next 5 years, major investments are going to be made, e.g. the construction of the Södertörnsleden route, a double railway track between Nynäshamn and Stockholm, and the Norvik harbour in Nynäshamn. During this period, about 1200 homes are also going to be built.


Senada Custovic
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More information

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Stockholm Business Alliance är namnet på ett unikt kommunsamarbete i Stockholm-Mälarregionen som startade 2006. Syftet med samarbetet är att fördjupa och utveckla både det lokala och det regionala näringspolitiska arbetet. Arbetet har även ett internationellt perspektiv eftersom konkurrensen om företagsetableringar, boende och besökare är hård.

För att lyckas sätta Stockholm-Mälarregionen på den globala kartan behövs en gemensam kraftsamling och ett gemensamt budskap, därför sker all internationell marknadsföring under budskapet "Stockholm - The Capital of Scandinavia". Intresset att delta från kommunernas sida har varit mycket stort och i dagsläget ingår 43 kommuner varav Haninge kommun är en.

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