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Family centres in Jordbro and Brandbergen

The family centres are meeting places for parents of children of preschool age who live in Jordbro or Brandbergen. The family centres have a children's health centre, nurses, midwives, an open preschool, social services, family counsellors and a meeting place for families seeking asylum.

The Child Welfare Clinic

At the Child Welfare Clinic, nurses carry out health checks and vaccinations on children up to 6 years of age.

In addition, the Child Welfare Centre offers parental support groups, counselling and advice. There is also a doctor available by pre-arranged appointments.

Social Welfare Office

At the Social Welfare Office, our team of social workers are on hand to offer you counselling, advice and support. Please feel free to come to the Social Welfare Office if for example you are concerned about your children’s welfare, are going through a life crisis or relationship problems. All our staff has a duty to maintain confidentiality and no records are kept on file.

The Social Welfare Office can also assist you in your contacts with other agencies and give advise on rules relating to social welfare benefits and parental allowance as well as help you fill in forms, etc.

Visit us or call to make an appointment!

Open Pre-school

At the Open Pre-school, you will meet our pre-school teachers. This is a place for children and parents to meet and play, read and paint and every day, we sing songs together.

You do not need to register to attend the Open Pre-school. All activities are free of charge and there are refreshments to buy. The Open Pre-school are for children who are not yet registered with a pre-school or attend regular childcare.

The Family Centre is a collaborative effort between the municipality of Haninge, the County Council and Österhaninge Parish.

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Brandbergen Family Centre
08-606 13 84

Jordbro Family Centre
08-606 14 87

Street address
Brandbergen Family Centre; Brandbergen Centre, upper floor

Jordbro Family Centre; Moränvägen 11, near Jordbro Centre


Haninge kommun, 136 81 Haninge. Besöksadress: Rudsjöterrassen 2, Telefon 08-606 70 00, Fax 08-606 89 10, haningekommun@haninge.se  Till intranätet


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